"I met her in a club down in old Soho"...

When you get a new car, or pet, or boat, or thing that you want to name, it can take days to pick a name that fits.  There was no question on this one.  Once I placed the last bit of cheetah print and wrapped around the last inch of black, dangling beads - she already had a name and "in a dark brown voice she said"...Lola.  Perfect!

"Girls will be boys and boys will be girls, it's a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for Lola". (The Kinks) 

Lola's gone through transformations before she was done to my liking.  She's worn whimsy aprons.  She's worn a flowered, glitter bra, with her neck removed and a sign asking people to drop money into the cavity at her neck to raise money in the fight against breast cancer.  I'm liking her latest transformation.  Wild, pretty, fun, soft, and sassy. 

She'll make the perfect model for some vintage inspired jewels

Another transformation was this chair.  It started out dark wood and mauve (yep, mauve) upholstery.  I tried the upholstery paint technique I saw on another website.  It was not turning out right!  I was about to give up and I actually had it in my car to bring to the Goodwill.  Then, I pulled it out and tried one more thing.  I stamped it with a letter written in French and added some other french elements like the PARIS letters in front, Fleur-Des-Lis and sweet cherub.  All the work paid off.  It turned out to be quite an interesting and artistic piece of furniture.  Not the comfy everyday chair but a conversation piece in the corner of your formal living room, salon, or parlor. 

Oui, Oooh La La

SALE. Chairs, chairs, and more chairs

  I have SO many great chairs right now.  Time to move them!  Most of them will be on sale in the shop and we will have a bunch on sale at both the Mes Amis Antique Fair and Folsom Peddler's Fair  

Industrial Chic...It's what's hot right now!  Very hot!  I went to the Alameda Flea this weekend.  NOT the place to go for a buying trip!  It was ultra expensive.  Sure, I saw many great things but most were 2x, 3x or more expensive than what we sell them for in the shop, so, buying for the shop (for the most part) was out of the question.  I did grab one great item.  This perfectly rusted and very functional old tool shelf.  Still great for tools, but, I envision a new life for it in a crafter's room to fill with ribbons, buttons, beads, crafting tools, and such.  I removed the old Dymo labels and added some vintage stamped tags to help with organizing.

Still trying to figure the best venue between eBay, etsy, or on my own (suggestions welcome) to have some items available online, such as these stamped tags.  Great for retail use or to use with gifts.  Most of them are vintage inspired or french, but, I have made a few Halloween ones and will do some Christmas ones too for gift tags. 

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