Halloween Celebration

 Isn't this the most fabulous make-up job?  The pic greeted me on facebook today from Atelier de Campagn.

Who knew Halloween could be SO chic!

My sister, Haley,recently graduated from beauty school and does wonderful make up like this (see her work below).  She is hoping to do make-up for movies. She is very talented.  

Halloween Celebration at Cousin Tammy's

It's hard to find a short and sweet meaning of Halloween.  Most holidays can be traced back to a certain person or event.  Rituals of Halloween can be found in different religions from Christian to Jewish to Pagan and different ceremonies from Europe to Mexico.  Halloween is a hybrid of All Hallows Eve (All Saints Day) and even Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).  Although the images of Halloween can seem morbid, the events that the day represents are meant to be a celebration.  Food, music, dressing up, and spending time with family and friends celebrating (not a day for mourning but celebrating) those that have died.

So, don't be afraid this Halloween.  Celebrate!

Trunk or Treat at school


Guest Post: "I'm just looking"..... Fabulous Finds from the Lodi Antique Street Fair

Going for the first time to the Lodi Antique Street Fair was "just to look"....
there were TONS of cool vintage pins, gold mirrors, and light fixtures....
No "plans" to buy but... as we neared the end, I spy'd with my little eye..... this great table!
Little entryway table... and it was already Shabby Chic'd.....
AND this amazing trophy....
... I had to have them!!!!!
Paired up, these two FABULOUS finds completed the entryway.
I'm so glad I went "just to look".  What kind of finds have you found when you've gone to just look?
by Guest Blogger, The Vintage Fairy


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