What's In A Name? Burlap and Bees

"Jump, Jump off this train you have been riding...jump and trust that you have had creativity flowing through your veins since you were born for a reason!  Trust, then jump... 

I was trusting the creativity I felt.  I was trusting the direction I was feeling compelled to go in and I was trusting that no matter what, there was no back-up plan. 

Forward was the only option....." 
  - Drew Emborsky, the Crochet Dude! Where Women Create

I just read that in the latest Where Women Create.  Isn't that a great quote.  I thought it was timely as the year ends and a new one begins.  In 2012, I am heading back to Melange with many new experiences and inspirations under my belt and a new business name that represents my creative line of work.

Treasure Broker (my blog) represents who I am and is a description of the work I do (ie.  the broker between buying and selling treasures), however, naming my business that would be the same as the President of  a company naming his business, "President".  It's a title, not a business or line of merchandise.  I had to think of something fun that represented me and my creations. 

Burlap and Bees came up and it stuck.  It really makes sense for me.  Burlap represents the style I work with;  shabby-chic but more along the lines of salvaged, primitives, or industrial chic rather than the flowery or feminine shabby-chic and bees talked to many different things for me. 
Made by Susan from Melange
I love the french bee and am drawn to items with that image.  I have many pictures of the french bee taken in various places in Paris, where it is a strong, regal symbol of royalty there. 

Most of all, I liked that it not only worked into the description of the work I do, but, is also personal to me.  My mother's name is Bea. 

Chalk Drawing of my Mom in San Francisco 1979
Growing up in San Francisco, my mom used to drag me around to street shows and weekend flea markets.  Her studio apartment was (is) wall-to-wall treasures from her various finds.  She and my sister have always been collectors.  Roseville, Hull, 1930s silhouettes, 1940s heads, celluloid jewels, and more.  Only in the past few years have I started to "get it" and joined them in this world of vast and vintage treasures.  It seems only appropriate that my work be associated with my muse, my mother, Bea. 

On my website, you will see things signed, Bee.  That is a fictitious representation of the company, of me, of my mom, of my friends.  "Bee" is the Ronald McDonald of Burlap and Bees.

Linen seat cover that I stenciled the B&B image on.
I love how it turned out.
In 2012, you will find Bee buzzing around with Burlap and Bees at Melange, online and at some of the great vintage shows like Mes Amis and The Flea Affaire.

Happiness, Health, and Success to all in 2012!



Alternative Therapies For Transitioning From One Year to the Next

1.  Make Time to be with Friends

2.  Stack Rocks

A ritual of Native American tribes as a symbol of protection, I find it fascinating to come across groups of stacked rocks wherever we go.  It's comforting to know that other's have been there, that there is a common, shared ritual, and it's peaceful and spiritual in it's simplicity.  Current meanings of stacked rocks also symbolize balance and trust.

3.  Go Sea Shelling

 Early morning is the best time for this therapy (low tide and you have to get there before the good ones are all gone).  Even if you don't keep the shells or have a use for them, the act of strolling on the beach, listening to the ocean, and focusing on this simple task, is very meditative.  And, when you find the perfect shell, full oyster, or best of all, a perfect sand dollar,  The reward is great.
Pix From Melange in Folsom

4.  Grab A Mag

My favorites are People (turn it all off and slip in to their world for a bit) and Stampington Magazines like, "Where Women Create", "Artful Blogging", and their newest one, "Mingle".  Full of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

5.  Get A Nice Journal and Write Your Resolutions and Plans for The New Year

Or do an art journal or story board.  Use any notebook and cover the front cover with an inspiring picture and fill the pages throughout the year with pictures, words, and photos that inspire you, things you want to do, projects you want to complete, friends you want to see, and places you want to go.  Review your journal the next year to see if your visualizations became realization.

 6.  Choose A Charity 

There are many different demands for your time and money.  Instead of feeling tapped out by giving change here and sending a few bucks there or placing something in every hand that is out, set your boundaries and select a favorite charity to really focus your time and energy on in anyway that you can.  What is important to you?  Children's Needs, Animal Needs, Women's Needs, Cancer, Alzheimer's, etc.  Set a plan to give this year.  The rewards are great.

7.  Do What You Love

8.  Start A Blog

9. Follow A Blog or Favorite on Facebook


10.  Do Not Take Yourself (or anyone else for that matter) Too Seriously

Happy New Year!


Dear Santa, This Year, Please Deck the Halls And Trim the Trees with Rose Gold

Article from the online lifestyle news blog, Clout and About....

Dear Santa, This Year, Please Deck the Halls And Trim the Trees with Rose Gold from Stella and Dot

Nov 19th, 2011 | By | Category: Juice, News & Views
A hot item this season is rose gold. From DKNY’s elegant rose gold time piece to Cartier’s Baignoire 2011 rose gold diamond watch bracelet (retail price $39,600), rose gold is timeless, elegant, and simply pretty.
Stella & Dot unveiled their 2011 holiday line with a stunning collection of rose gold pieces. With many of them under $50, you can check off your Christmas lists with rose gold jewelry for all your favorite ladies.
S&D Copper Cupchain Bracelet $39 so delicate against this hundred year old door knob

Stella and Dot is a direct sales company that mixes business with pleasure emphasizing social selling (selling to your friends or sharing the opportunity with people you know). Because of its gorgeous high-quality product, flexible business model and inspirational management team, Stella and Dot is growing rapidly regardless of the economy. Actually, probably partially because of the economy. Women (and men) are looking for ways to take control of their lives and finances and Stella and Dot offers a very attractive opportunity for many who love jewelry, enjoy people, and want a rewarding career on their terms and within their schedule.
S&D Goddess Teardrop Earrings $34 trim the tree
Additional pictures of jewels contrasted with vintage treasures can be seen at www.treasurebroker.blogspot.com

Stella and Dot is everywhere. The jewelry is highly coveted by celebrities and often seen on the runway or in magazines and Jessica Herrin, the CEO and founder, can be seen often being interviewed with regard to the success of the business. They have doubled their sales from last year and are on target to hit 200 million in sales this year.
So, take off those rose colored glasses and put on some rose gold earrings from Stella and Dot instead. Enjoy.

Disclosure: Lisa is a Stylist for Stella and Dot. She likes to mix the vintage inspired jewelry with actual vintage items in her photography to emphasize their beauty. Learn more at www.stelladot.com/611


Gray Is The New White / Shabby-Chic Trends

Seat covers in neutral linen were added to
these beautiful cain-back armchairs
Shabby-chic lovers are adding a new color to their rooms of antique white.  French gray.  It's such a pretty color!  It's neutral and can go with many other colors and it makes the space feel soft and romantic yet not too frilly.  It's a good choice for a master bedroom or formal dining room. 

Just finished a simply fabulous dining room set mixing a bit of the chalky white with a luscious french gray. 

Mixing color and adding wax creates an aged look
A bit of creativity and a lot of work transformed this mid-century dark wood table into a design that would fit nicely in a formal dining room of a cottage estate in the french country. 

This oval table comes with two 24" leaves allowing for an intimate family meal or a grand dinner for guests

Tres Chic

Holiday Gift Giving Treasures

is simple and stunning 

The biggest hit of the season is
Rose gold takes your classic gold pieces to a new level by adding a soft pink blush tone making it oh so pretty in pink.  The rose gold pieces look wonderful when mixed with other colored metals, beads, and pearls.  Rose gold is everywhere this season from the runway to high-end jewelers to countless celebrities. 

This holiday, everything is coming up roses with gorgeous rose gold jewelry from Stella and Dot.  With 50% of the line under $50, there is something for every woman on your list. 


Halloween Celebration

 Isn't this the most fabulous make-up job?  The pic greeted me on facebook today from Atelier de Campagn.

Who knew Halloween could be SO chic!

My sister, Haley,recently graduated from beauty school and does wonderful make up like this (see her work below).  She is hoping to do make-up for movies. She is very talented.  

Halloween Celebration at Cousin Tammy's

It's hard to find a short and sweet meaning of Halloween.  Most holidays can be traced back to a certain person or event.  Rituals of Halloween can be found in different religions from Christian to Jewish to Pagan and different ceremonies from Europe to Mexico.  Halloween is a hybrid of All Hallows Eve (All Saints Day) and even Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).  Although the images of Halloween can seem morbid, the events that the day represents are meant to be a celebration.  Food, music, dressing up, and spending time with family and friends celebrating (not a day for mourning but celebrating) those that have died.

So, don't be afraid this Halloween.  Celebrate!

Trunk or Treat at school


Guest Post: "I'm just looking"..... Fabulous Finds from the Lodi Antique Street Fair

Going for the first time to the Lodi Antique Street Fair was "just to look"....
there were TONS of cool vintage pins, gold mirrors, and light fixtures....
No "plans" to buy but... as we neared the end, I spy'd with my little eye..... this great table!
Little entryway table... and it was already Shabby Chic'd.....
AND this amazing trophy....
... I had to have them!!!!!
Paired up, these two FABULOUS finds completed the entryway.
I'm so glad I went "just to look".  What kind of finds have you found when you've gone to just look?
by Guest Blogger, The Vintage Fairy



Type A Ramblings: News Flash - Leftovers SF talk about Consignment

This is where my mom works in SF...

Type A Ramblings: News Flash - Leftovers SF talk about Consignment: On the advice of Laura from Off the Racks , I took a trip to Leftovers , the best place in San Francisco to visit to buy 2nd hand furniture ...


The Coffin

On the heels of Halloween, one of our families favorite holidays, my latest project has been dubbed, "the coffin".  It's laying on a table in my driveway now - seriously looking like it's waiting for someone to inhabit it (Jacob, Edward, Bill, Eric, Stefan, Damon.... any of you out there need a new home?).  My boys want me to keep it to use Halloween night.  My husband creaking the door open from it and jumping out at unsuspecting little creatures and tricksters of the night would sure be a hit.

Alas, the "coffin" can not stay in the driveway for a month and so it must begin it's transformation.  It had a varnish or gloss layer on it that has been a challenge to remove.  I have to sand it all down before I can start to paint.

I wish I had more info on this piece.  I've had a hard time finding anything similar.  Is is a wardrobe? closet? cabinet? It has shelves and hooks.  I know it's old.  It looks 1920s-1940s but some of the items I did find online were late 1800s, so I'm not sure.  It's in great shape other than needing some cosmetic work.  Heather came over and helped me reinforce the feet (it's quite a heavy item to have small feet but that's part of it's charm).  Heather's toolbox is full of carpentry accessories.  Heather says,

This (below) is the only item I could find (on etsy for $1,000) that resembled my piece, however, although shabbied, the one below is obviously a much newer item.  The details on the piece I am working on are more delicate, rounded, and feminine, and the decoration on front will really pop once I have painted and distressed it.

Tall Vintage Hand Painted White Linen CabinetTall Vintage Hand Painted White Linen Cabinet

So, stay tuned for the transformation of the coffin into a beautiful vintage tall wardrobe/cabinet...