Treasures of Summer

Usually my blog is about vintage treasures or restored antiques but this weekend I was really appreciating the treasures that nature brings us in the summer.  
My micro-crop of peppers and tomatoes are ripe and will only be around a few more weeks.

Summer in Tahoe will turn to ski season sooner than you know it...

Most people (at least in this area) know what a treasure Lake Tahoe is.  There are the obvious favorites like the Lake itself, the wonderful bike and ski trails, and the jewel of the lake, Emerald Bay. 

When people think of Tahoe, they don't often think of waterfalls, but, up at Fallen Leaf Lake, there is a spectacular one.  It's worth the drive up the hill on the narrow road to find this hidden treasure.  Walking trails, breathtaking views of the highest mountains, and incredible water falls.

Of course my favorite treasures are my boys and being able to spend time exploring with them!

Now...I won't leave you with just veggies and nature. I'll share with you a few other vintage delicacies of some of my favorite items in the shop right now...

Still my weakness, Bergere chairs. This one with a nice mix of complimentary colors that give it a more aged and rustic look.  More for a sweet cottage in France than a formal tea room in England. 

Also, fit for a cottage with a rustic flare, is this simply fabulous two-tone, chippy dresser.  Pictures do not do this one justice.  It's a work of art. 

Finally, if I could re-do my house, I'd have one of these linen settee or couches in every room.  Ironically, they are both ornate and simple at the same time. 

Actually, I don't think I'd ever sit on them, I'd just sit accros from them and stare.

The pleasures of summer will soon turn into the frantic festivities of fall but my search for unique treasures continues.  A Trunk Show August 25th at FCC, and then Antique Fairs Sept 17th in Roseville and Sept 18th in Folsom.

Follow me to see what treasures I find next...


  1. Hi Lisa,

    I thought I left a comment . . . but just in case I mentioned you in my post


    It was nice meeting you yesterday! See you in September! Are you bringing what I want to the flea in Roseville?!?!?!


  2. Hi Marsha,
    Thanks for the mention and comment. It's been crazy with kids back to school this week. It was great to meet you the other day at the shop. Remind me what you wanted and I'll see about bringing it in Sept.
    Have a great week.