The Coffin

On the heels of Halloween, one of our families favorite holidays, my latest project has been dubbed, "the coffin".  It's laying on a table in my driveway now - seriously looking like it's waiting for someone to inhabit it (Jacob, Edward, Bill, Eric, Stefan, Damon.... any of you out there need a new home?).  My boys want me to keep it to use Halloween night.  My husband creaking the door open from it and jumping out at unsuspecting little creatures and tricksters of the night would sure be a hit.

Alas, the "coffin" can not stay in the driveway for a month and so it must begin it's transformation.  It had a varnish or gloss layer on it that has been a challenge to remove.  I have to sand it all down before I can start to paint.

I wish I had more info on this piece.  I've had a hard time finding anything similar.  Is is a wardrobe? closet? cabinet? It has shelves and hooks.  I know it's old.  It looks 1920s-1940s but some of the items I did find online were late 1800s, so I'm not sure.  It's in great shape other than needing some cosmetic work.  Heather came over and helped me reinforce the feet (it's quite a heavy item to have small feet but that's part of it's charm).  Heather's toolbox is full of carpentry accessories.  Heather says,

This (below) is the only item I could find (on etsy for $1,000) that resembled my piece, however, although shabbied, the one below is obviously a much newer item.  The details on the piece I am working on are more delicate, rounded, and feminine, and the decoration on front will really pop once I have painted and distressed it.

Tall Vintage Hand Painted White Linen CabinetTall Vintage Hand Painted White Linen Cabinet

So, stay tuned for the transformation of the coffin into a beautiful vintage tall wardrobe/cabinet...


  1. I would say its a art deco wardrobe from around the 30's. I have a similar one to that in a antique booth.

  2. Hi Goldie, thanks for the feedback. Yes, I think you are right! I just love the details of art deco and to take a piece that needs work and breath new life into it with a shabby flair, is extra fun.