He Did What?...& You Paid How Much?

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He Did What?...

A customer came in the other day and told me a story about how she found this totally fabulous, shabby-chic dresser. Perfectly distressed and chippy and simply magnificent. She was so excited about the piece. She bought it, brought it home and then left again to finish her errands.

She returned later that day - still excited about her fabulous found treasure. Her husband, beaming with pride in his initiative to help out, he exclaimed...

"honey - while you were away, I sanded and painted that dresser for you and now it's good-as-new"

There it was - her fabulous shabby treasure was now perfectly smooth, perfectly painted one solid color, not a worn corner or chippy paint anywhere!

You Paid How Much?

My Dear Aunt sent me an article on the increased amount of antiques out there as a result of the many downsizers and need to clear space for smaller homes.  The gist of the article was that because of this increase in supply - great deals can be found.  The article showed an antique dresser that had been painted black and had it's original hardware.  The dresser looked just like a few that we have or have sold in the shop lately.

The article said that you can now get a dresser like this one for only $1,250 where before it was $2,500.  Where the heck are people shopping that they think $1,250 is a deal??  In our shop, the same dresser would be around $299!  We could deliver it from CA to New York and it would still be half the price of the low price they are touting as so great.  It baffles me.  Well, if there is anyone out there that thinks $1,250 is a steal for an antique gorgeously restored dresser, give me a call.  I'll decorate their whole room for that price and still have money left over for an Appletini at a fancy restaurant in SoHo ($68/glass marked to $65 for happy hour lol).

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  1. LOL, I brought home a REALLY chippy dresser last month. I asked my husband to help me bring it upstairs so I could put it in my creative space. He looked at me and said, don't you want to "finish" it before you do that? I said NO. He just shook his head!!

    Oh, yeah, I have some swamp land to sell to the person who things $1,250 is a steal, yeah, steal for the person who's selling it, LOL