Cowboys and Firecrackers

I just LOVE this display!  Karryann took a cowhide and reupholstered an old chair with it.  This work of art would sell for the high hundreds or even thousands in SF or LA.  She's got it here at the shop for only $245.  One of the pitfalls of working with all these creative women is that I want to take home so many of their masterpieces.

The display was great for the time of year.  We just had the long horn cattle drive through the middle of Sutter Street and the 51st Annual Pro-Rodeo and fireworks show.  Hypocritical that I could covet a cow skin chair but not want to go to the rodeo because I feel bad for the animals.  But, I appreciate the beauty of the hide, the fun of the sport of rodeo, and the cowboys and cowgirls who flock to the town for the weekend.  Jeans, long sleeve button-up shirts, boots, and cowboy hats in triple digit weather.  That's dedication to the true American spirit as is the rustic style of the old bottles, rusty metal table and cowhide chair.  Perfect for a barn in the Midwest or a loft in SoHo.

I guess that's what Independence is all about.  Freedom to hug a cow, wrangle a cow, or sit on an antique  chair made with cowhide.  God Bless America.  Happy 4th of July.

PS.  On that note, since we also love all things French here at Gracefully Vintage, we will also be celebrating Bastille Day at the shop July 16th and 17th.  "Vive-la-France"!


  1. Oh, celebrating Bastille Day, cool!! I need to make it back up to the shop again one of these days . . . . haven't been there since December.

  2. That Chair -Will soon be going home...I hve the perfect spot for it...
    Great Post..

  3. Love the chair and your post! Looking forward to celebrating Bastille Day with you!