Vintage Transformations

I just completed an old bedroom set.  It was not in very good condition cosmetically, but, I could tell - it had great bones.  Spindle feet, interesting lines, and pretty, ornate, detailing.  It needed some prep-work to transform and restore it's beauty.  I took it all apart and sanded down all the pieces and then started to apply the layers of paint.  White or Black?  That Is The Question.  I've mostly been working in white for the past few years, but, lately, have been fancying the drama of black.  I decided to do the whole set in black.

I love the way it came out.  Especially, the high-boy dresser.  The top part was missing it's drawer, so I sanded it all down and painted the inside and made a cubby for books or a jewelry box.  It really gives it character.

I went back in to shabby it up and accentuate the beauty of the details with intricate sanding techniques almost like paint brush strokes back into the design.  Then, I replaced the original hardware.

Add the mirror for above the highboy dresser.  The bed frame had some of the same detailing as the dressers.  The scalloping is very pretty and adds a feminine touch to the black pieces.  There were two dressers and below (in my spot at the shop) is the shorter dresser.

 A dramatic contrast to my white furnishings yet still shabby-chic with a hint of Parisian (a bit more on the Parisian side as we just celebrated a fun Bastille Day event at the shop and with our friends at Melange, Not Too Shabby, and The Bag Lady

On a personal note, I spent a fabulous weekend at the beach with my girls.  Found a few mini-sand dollars.  I had collected great sea shells and sand dollars this year and filled jars for fun summer decorating.  As a retailer, we always look to the next holiday while still in a previous season (think Christmas decorations in September).  So, as we hit mid-summer, it's time to look to school starting and holiday decorating.  So, my new black obsession, mixed with a handful of festive silver treasures, will fit right in.

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