What's So Great About Tattered?

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I don't know if it's an age thing, or a trendy thing, or just because it's what I see around me because my community of friends and work relationships are into it, but I love things that are tattered and chippy and old.  I didn't used to like this kind of thing.  That's why I'm wondering if it's an age thing.  Maybe since I'm getting tattered, chippy, and well, older - I find beauty in those traits.

I bring this up because I finally got myself out to The Tattered House in Old Roseville.  I've been wanting to go for a long time.  I've heard great things and they host an Antique Fair twice a year.  I always miss it because it's the same dates as the two big Folsom Antique Fairs and I am always there from crack of dawn until late.  The catalyst to finally get me over to Roseville was the fact that after 4 years, The Tattered House is closing it's doors.  I had to see their treasures before they closed.
Ice cream parlor chairs from
Tattered House
The shop (inside a sweet little blue house on a quaint street in old Roseville) was pretty empty by the time I made my way there, but, my heart still skipped a beat at the merchandise that was left.  The more tattered - the better.  Old bottles, chippy doors and windows, vintage chairs.  As I mentioned in my last blog, I see things that I know could be great and I see the art behind them, but don't always know how to turn them into something functional.  I love to see how people use this type of tattered art in real life.  Like old doors.  Someone will come in to the shop and comment about why do we have old doors - or they just pulled similar ones off an old house and dumped them, etc.  Where someone else will come in and see the same doors as a backdrop for their photography, a divider for their room, a place to add old knobs and hooks to display their hats and jewels, or to use as a headboard. 

At Tattered House, they had used two really old chippy doors with different colors and lots of character and had installed them to divide their office space from their register space.  Very pretty.  On another blog I visited recently, someone had taken a very ornate door, painted it white, and voila, a gorgeous coffee table (pictured here). 

The boys found this great piece of driftwood in Santa Cruz (maybe a boogie board lost at sea and returned beat up and tattered).  We saved it and will add some wonderful vintage knobs to make it a hat or coat rack with beachy charm.

Farmer's Market Season

If you find beauty in tattered treasures, you might enjoy some of the great finds that made their way from Santa Cruz (or other places) to Folsom and will be in the shop this weekend...

Very Old Metal Basket for firewood
or magazines

I could give this chair another coat of paint
and make it perfectly all white... or not. 
I'm thinking not. 
Imperfection adds character.

I LOVE this chair! Thx HG

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  1. Congrats on your new blog Lisa! As a lover of 'tattered' and 'tattered' myself, its fun to read about your journeys! Keep 'em coming!