What does Stella and Dot have to do with Vintage?

The blog and our shop are about vintage items.  So, where does Stella & Dot fit in to that?  We chose Stella & Dot for our line of jewelry because of it's vintage and classic look.  The two founders named the company after their grandparents, Stella and Dot.  They rummaged through their grandmothers' attics and adored their old jewelry pieces so, they decided to design jewelry inspired by these pieces and their grandmothers.

The quality is very nice (sterling silver, gold vermiel, CZ, glass beads, fresh water pearls, etc.) but I especially love the style.  I really love the bold statement pieces.  However, since I am a fan of the bigger pieces, I was surprised how much I have started to really like the small simple chains and charms.

It doesn't hurt that the style is huge with the movie stars and I keep seeing Stella & Dot on TV shows like on The Apprentice, Gossip Girl and The Bachelor.
There are gorgeous pieces for weddings, from classic pearls, to heirloom deco styles sure to be passed on for generations.  Also, cute sets for bridesmaids and flower girls.

So, if you see posts of tattered furniture intertwined with posts of Stella & Dot jewelry, now you know the connection. They both boast vintage beauty and beautiful style.

The business model of Stella & Dot is home trunk shows.  We have a twist on this and offer private trunk shows at the shop.  Just email if you want more information about hosting a private trunk show for you and your friends.

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