Perfectly Imperfect Papas

Dads are perfect, right?  Strong, dependable, sweet, loving, caring, giving, nurturing, providing guidance, education, money, a home, security and are always there for you when you need them. 

Did I see your eyebrows rise a bit as you considered and questioned this statement?  Maybe totally true as a child, but, perceptions change with age.  He's still the same person but now you see holes in the facade of his perfection.  He's more real now.  Life and it's challenges show more in his decisions and on his face.  Behind the super powered hero is just a man who is not always strong, sometimes shows anger, may not make the best decisions, and may not always be there when you need him. 

I read this quote on a blog, "Shabby Chic is defined as 'where one is comfortable, not having to worry about imperfection. Yet, elegant and charming.'"   Well, looky there ladies - our Dads and the fathers of our children are "Shabby Chic" by definition!  They aren't always perfect but they make us feel comfortable and even as we all age, to us, they are still elegant and charming.  And, perfect in all their imperfections.

Three of my best friends lost their Dads this year.  Yes, THREE!  One, died too young.  The other  died too quickly, and the last died tragically.  My Dad is far away and I miss him.  So, be sure to grab those shabby-dads and hubbys and give them lots of love this Father's Day!

The Perfectly Imperfect saying was coined by my friend Karryann at Gracefully Vintage.  As a fan of tattered and shabby, I just love the saying.  Below are some ideas for vintage Dads out there...

Karryann brought this funky, green plaid golf bag into the shop and I just had to have it to use as a prop for my husband's Father's Day Gift.  I'll resell it again after Father's Day.  There are a lot of Vintage Golf Collectors out there who would love to have this in their collection.

A man of his word, and a man of THE word, Dad might like a bible from the 1800s or some great early century books. 

He might already have one of these in his attic.  If not, old typewriters are making for great statement pieces in decor.  Dad might think these new fangled computers are hard to get used to but try writing your blog on a typewriter.

Tap..tap..tap..return..tap...tpa..backspace...white out...backspace...scroll...repeat...cut picture...paste..wait to dry...fold in envelope...type address...place stamp...go to post office...repeat a hundred or so times.  omg! 

Or, if he's anything like my Dad; a book, a nice comfy chair, and a Skype from the grand kids would make his day. 
Happy Father's Day to all the Perfect (-ly imperfect) Dad's out there (and a special shout out to those in heaven!)

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